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Modern World History--Columbian Exchange: Home

Assignment in brief

Why do we eat what we eat?

The purpose of this menu is to examine the foods of the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe prior to the year 1492. It also addresses what happened to the global diets in the aftermath of European voyages.

The menu will contain

  • At least five items from the Americas prior to the Columbian Exchange
  • At least five items from any other part of the world prior to the Columbian Exchange
  • At least five items from from any part of the world after the Columbian Exchange
  • Drinks (unless they are extremely creative) do not count as items

Americi Vespucii Map

Electronic resources

Want something more in-depth? Try searching one of our humanities databases!



Browse a few chapters in a book about the Columbian Exchange for more in-depth information!


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