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World History--The Bubonic Plague: Home

What was the Bubonic Plague/Black Death and how did it spread?

“With the explosive growth of the human population brought about by the agricultural revolution, the problems posed by the presence of disease intensified. As people began to congregate in villages and cities, bacteria settled in their piles of refuse and were carried by lice in their clothing. The domestication of animals made humans more vulnerable to diseases carried by their livestock. As population density increased, the danger of widespread epidemics increased with it” (Duiker, 373).

Your assignment is to explore the outbreak of the Bubonic Plague during the Middle Ages, chart it’s origins and spread on either a map or timeline, and explain at least one major impact of the outbreak on society at that time.

Assignment in brief



  • You will write no more than ONE PAGE about the cause of the outbreak and the impact your epidemic had on society. Your blurb should address the following:

                       - Provide a brief overview of your epidemic and any necessary background information (address the origins of the disease and cause of the outbreak).

                       - Reference at least one major impact of your selected epidemic. Specific evidence (quotes and paraphrases) should be included here.

  • On a separate page, please include a timeline or map that depicts the affected area and the timing of your epidemic’s spread. Here is your chance to be creative. See page 374 for an example of how you might design a map, but do not copy this map.
  • A properly formatted Bibliography (for both text and images) and properly formatted Footnotes (for both text and images)

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