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World History--The Crusades: Home

What was the cause of the Crusades and how did it affect society?

“As it developed, European civilization remained largely confined to its home continent, although Europe was never completely isolated. Some Europeans, especially merchants, had contacts with parts of Asia and Africa…. Only at the end of the eleventh century did Europeans begin their first concerted attempt to expand the frontiers of Europe by conquering the land of Palestine. (Duiker, 350).

Your assignment is to explore the causes of the Crusades during the Middle Ages, chart its origins and spread on either a map or timeline, and explain at least one major impact of the war on society at that time.

Assignment in brief



  • You will write no more than ONE PAGE about the causes of the crusades and the impact they had on society. Your blurb should address the following:

                       - Provide a brief overview of how the Crusades began and any necessary background information (address the origins of who began them and what were the original goals).

                       - Reference at least one major impact of the Crusades on Europe. Specific evidence (quotes and paraphrases) should be included here. Some impacts you might consider are economic, religious, gender roles, but you are not limited to these.

  • On a separate page, please include a timeline or map that depicts the affected area and the timing of the spread of the Crusades. Here is your chance to be creative. See pages 352 & 354 for examples of how you might organize a timeline.
  • A properly formatted Bibliography (for both text and images) and properly formatted Footnotes (for both text and images)

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