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Modern World History--Exploration Project: Home

Guide for Exploration Project Assignment

The Age of Exploration

Assignment in brief

Directions: You and your partner will pick a European country and research their exploration into Africa, Asia, and/or the Americas. You will give a brief 3-5 min presentation on your country and their trade/trading posts/colonies as the culmination to unit 2.

Essential Questions to answer in your presentation:

  • What were your country’s motives to explore beyond Europe?
  • Did your country establish a major trade route or navigate a previously un-navigated route (ex: sailed around the globe, sailed around the Cape of Good Hope, etc…)
  • What routes, goods, and areas did your country eventually dominate?
  • Choose two locations where your country had a significant presence and go into detail (did they have colonies or trading posts, what goods were traded, how did they treat the people who lived there?)
  • When did your country’s presence in that area decline and why?

What kind of legacy (positive and negative) did your country leave behind when they left?

Country options:

  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • England
  • The Netherlands (the Dutch)

Suggested search terms

trade routes               exploration            

colonization                trading posts

navigation                   indigenous

Age of Exploration      natives           

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