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World History--Renaissance, Reformation, and the Scientific Revolution: Home

Assignment in brief

The Renaissance, Reformation, and Scientific Revolution profoundly changed the way that Europeans viewed themselves and their world. For this project you will choose one of these three events to analyze by creating an artifact from the following options.

Group Options or Solo

1. Renaissance, Reformation, or Scientific Revolution Newspaper (max of 4 students)

2. Renaissance, Reformation, or Scientific Revolution Figure Discussion (2 or 3 students)

Group or Solo

3. Renaissance, Reformation, or Scientific Revolution Infographic (1 or 2 students)

Solo Option (although you may choose to do option 1, 2, or 3 to complete on your own)

4. Renaissance, Reformation, or Scientific Revolution Journal

Please see the option descriptions in Lesson 13 on OneNote.


December 8: Introduce Project and Work Day

December 11: Work Day

December 15: Work Day

December 17: Project Due in OneNote

Search Terms

Renaissance     Reformation     Scientific Revolution     Middle Ages     Martin Luther     Dark Ages     John Calvin     Ignatius Loyola     Protestant     Lutheran     Calvinist     Anglican     Henry VIII     Church of England     Humanism     Galileo     Copernicus     Dante     Michelangelo     Magellan     Columbus     Marco Polo     Roman Inquisition    


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