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English I--Annotated Bibliography (Schenck): Home


Assignment in brief

  • Research the historical context of life in the 1950s and 1960s, considering the questions presented in the assignment.
  • Select three sources that relate to your question.
  • For each source provide the following:
    • Full MLA citation
    • Paragraph 1: a summary of the source, including one direct quotation.
    • Paragraph 2: a short reflection of how this source matters to current understanding of identity and community


Example topics:

  • segregated schooling in the US, 1950s
  • Brown vs. Board of Education (1954)
  • Jim Crow laws
  • Civil Rights movement
  • World War II trauma and PTSD in soldiers
  • Socioeconomic discrimination of low-income white communities

Questions to ponder:

  • Why do the townspeople call Kya "dirty," "Swamp Trash," and "Marsh Girl"?
  • Why is there a separate school for white and Black students and a "Colored Town" where only Black residents live?
  • What are the similarities between Kya and Jumpin'/Mabel?
  • Why did soldiers returning from World War II have a difficult time adjusting to post-war life back home here in the US?

Suggested Search Terms

Search terms to get you started. As you read, you will add additional terms to research further.

  • segregation
  • desegregation
  • civil rights
  • Jim Crow
  • redlining
  • PTSD
  • Shell Shock
  • World War II soldiers
  • Separate but equal
  • de facto
  • de jure



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