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English I--Annotated Bibliography (Bauroth): Home


Assignment in Brief

Your task:

1) You will select one of the questions below that most interests you and research the historical context of contemporary life in impoverished neighborhoods and/or gangs. Our goal is that each student will move beyond stereotypes and see the individuals in these neighborhoods and/or in gangs.

2) You will reflect on your personal interest in this question and how you are seeing it connect to our novel.

3) You will select THREE sources that relate to your question.

4) You will write the following for each source:

a. Full MLA citation

b. Paragraph 1: A summary of the source, including one quotation

c. Paragraph 2: A short reflection of how this source matters to our contemporary (current) understanding of identity and community, as well as Kya and characters in our novel

Example topics:

Why do young men in impoverished neighborhoods join gangs?

What is life like for young women in impoverished neighborhoods?

What is the relationship between people in impoverished neighborhoods and the police?

What are schools like in impoverished neighborhoods?

What businesses are typically found in impoverished neighborhoods?

What are the realities and stresses of interracial dating?

Suggested Search Terms

Search terms to get you started. As you read, you will add additional terms to research further.

  • gangs
  • gang life
  • gang members
  • police brutality
  • interracial dating
  • racism
  • poverty
  • policing
  • impoverished neighborhoods



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