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Theology--Exegesis Capstone: Home


Assignment in Brief

Your task:

Write a paper that is MLA, double spaced, times new roman, 12 point font, 1" margins, and 5 pages long (including cover page & bibliography/works cited). You will need to use 5 biblical commentaries, 2 biblical dictionaries, and 1 biblical concordance.


1) Exegesis Capstone P1 - General understanding of your passage (10 pts)

2) Exegesis Capstone P2 - Sources and what they say (10 pts)

3) Exegesis P3 - Allegorical (5 pts)

4) Exegesis Capstone P4 - Tropological (5 pts)

5) Exegesis Capstone P5 - Anagogical (5 pts)

6) Exegesis Capstone Rough Draft - 10 pages including cover page & bibliography/works cited (10 pts)

7) Exegesis Capstone Final Draft - 5 pages including cover page & bibliography/works cited (20 pts)




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