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Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Home


Background on the Ukraine-Russia Conflict

Trusted News Sources

Russian News Sources

Russia has many state controlled news sites such as the Russia Today (Rossiya Segodnya) television network and the TASS Russian News Agency. These sites were banned by Ukraine in 2014 following the annexation of Crimea and by numerous countries in 2022 following the invasion of Ukraine. These are accessible online but keep in mind their inherent bias as a state run news source.

Map of Present Day Countries That Were Once Part of the Soviet Union

Map of the Eastern and Western Blocs of Europe 1945-1989

Ukraine as a Soviet State: Holodomor

Map of Lines on Ukraine's Border in Real Time Created by the Customs Service

З Польщею = With Poland

Зі Словаччиною = With Slovakia

З Угорщиною = With Hungary

З Румунією = With Romania

З Молдовою = With Moldova

З Білоруссю = With Belarus 

КПВВ & контрольно-пропускний = checkpoint 

автомобільний = car

Піший, автомобільний, залізничний, пішохідний = paths, roads, train tracks, crossing

NPR State of Ukraine Podcast


How the World is Responding

How to Help