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English II Honors: Jane Eyre Annotated Bibliography: Home

The Victorian Era


Annotated Bib Overview: Four Total Sources

  1. At least three historical sources on your given “topic” or “motif” as it applies to the Victorian Era

  1. At least one literary criticism about Jane Eyre (this can be connected to your topic/motif, or it can be just a more general article). WAIT until we are closer to completing the novel to find this source. We have a day dedicated to helping you locate and understand what these are: be patient!

  1. For each of your sources, you will write:
  • One paragraph (5-10 sentences) that summarizes the source.
  • A second paragraph (3-5 sentences) that explains how/why this source is useful to your research and how it develops/clarifies an understanding of Jane Eyre.

What kinds of sources can I use?

  • A variety of genres from the UA Library: articles, books, book chapters, etc.—print or electronic. 
  • The texts (letters, journals, literary criticism, etc.) at the back of your Norton Critical Edition.
  • Non-UA library sources MUST have them pre-approved by me.

Suggested Search Terms to get you started:

Jane Eyre Victorian Era England
courtship Great Britain mental illness
religious practices clergy Anglicanism
Calvinism gothic family life
governess inheritance laws gypsy
Charlotte Bronte government dementia
role of men chivalry education
role of women femininity orphans
marriage Jane Eyre tuberculosis
typhoid physiognomy phrenology
romanticism colonialism social class


Topics and Themes to get you started:

Orphans Education (for girls Educational Reform
Grief Mourning Trauma (and the Body)
Public Health Pandemics Faith/Religion


Mental Illness/Health Social Class/Caste Poverty
Marriage/Inheritance Laws Rebellions/Revolts Physiognomy/Phrenology
Romani (Gypsy) Culture Victorian Beauty Standards Victorian Fashion
Ecology of the Moors/Landscape Gothic/Supernatural Romanticism (Romantic Iindividual)
Race and Colonialism Victorian Architecture  



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