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World History Honors--The Era of Absolutism and the Age of Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution: Home


You will have the pleasure of engaging with influential individuals who shaped European thought and politics throughout the Era of Absolutism and the Enlightenment.

This assignment has two parts: an outline and participation in a seminar.  Both count as separate test grades.

The Outline: Your job is to assess your individual’s impact on history.  You will formulate a thesis concerning this individual’s mark on history and outline your argument (provide citations).  Your individual is significant to this era because…

           Basic Requirements:

  • Thesis
  • Support for your thesis with concrete evidence
  • Works Cited Page in Chicago Format with at least 5 GOOD sources 
  • Use footnotes in your outline to cite the quotes and facts you are using as supporting evidence

Seminar Guidelines:

Participation in the Seminar counts as a separate test grade.  Your grade is determined by your ability to engage in the discussion as your assigned individual.

Did your individual have some things to say about ….

  • Politics, Government, Rule?
  • Gender Relations and Rights?
  • Religion and God?
  • Science?
  • All of the above?

Search Terms/Resource Types

Compile a list of search terms to begin your research. These should include the name of the individual that you are researching or the particular discovery, idea, theory, development, or invention with which they are associated. 

John Locke                  Thomas Hobbes                       Jean Jacques Rousseau                         Baruch Spinoza

Rene Descartes            Denis Diderot                           Frederick the Great                                  Catherine the Great

Voltaire                          Peter the Great                         Cesare Beccaria                                       Mary Wollstonecraft

Louis XIV                      Adam Smith                               Montesquieu                                            David Hume

Olympe de Gouges       Francis Bacon                           Age of Reason                                        Enlightenment



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