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English I--The Odyssey Annotated Bibliography: Home



In preparation for our unit on The Odyssey, you will complete an annotated bibliography.  For each source, you must include the correct MLA citation, as well as a descriptive paragraph that will help you quickly recall the main points of the book, chapter, or article.

Using the library databases, research your selected topic.  Scan each source you come across to determine whether it is worth reading in full.  If so, read the chapter or article, and then add it as an entry to your annotated bibliography. 

Guidelines for Sources:

  • Each member of your group must contribute one source (with its citation and paragraphs)
  • All of your sources must be relevant to your specific topic and to The Odyssey in general.
  • You may NOT use websites unless they were accessed through the UA library databases.
  • You may, of course, use real books from the UA library!

Guidelines for Paragraphs:

  • Begin each paragraph with a four-to-five sentence summary of the article.  Address the writer’s overall focus, and outline the key points of his or her argument.

Additional Requirements:

         * Flawless MLA formatting both within entries and on the page as a whole

  • Beautifully polished grammar and mechanics

Search Terms/Resource Types

 Suggested search terms (this is not an exhaustive list):

Trojan War          Trojan Horse        Helen of Troy        King Menelaus         Odysseus           Achilles

archetype            epithet                 epic                     epic hero                 King Priam          Homeric simile

Ancient Greece    Homer                 bard                     minstrel                   Greek myth         mythology

Greek religion       monotheism        polytheism            pantheon                oblation               Olympus

Olympian             Greek gods/goddesses                    rhapsode                Laocoon              King Agamemnon

Andromache        Hector                Apple of Discord    Iliad                        legend

General reminders

1. All library resources used for this assignment are on reserve.

2. There will be a reserve cart located near the circulation desk in the library.

3. All students working on the assignment can and should help to build the reserve collection.

4. Items on reserve may be checked out overnight only (checked out at the end of the school day and returned before classes begin the next day).

5. Items may be placed on Hold using Follett Destiny:

a. Go to the library page on Blackboard.

b. Click on the Follett Destiny icon.

c. Click on "Ursuline" to link to our collection.

d. Click on the login prompt in the upper right corner and log in using your Blackboard login.

e. Search the catalog for the title you would like to place on Hold.

f. Click on the title.

g. Click on the "Hold It!" button located on the right side of the screen.

h. You will be alerted via email when the item is available for check out.


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