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English III--The Great Gatsby: Home


*Research an aspect of life in the 1920s and use it to make an interpretation of The Great Gatsby.

*Utilize 5 sources.

*Write an essay of 5 pages in length based on your research.

*MLA format.

Search Terms/Resource Types

Here are a few terms to get you started:

American dream   fashion     social class      Jazz Age      commuter culture      automobile

prohibition            Harlem renaissance          roaring '20s     wealth     flapper         leisure culture

Great Depression  architecture     decor        automobile accidents     marriage     infidelity

Women's roles     

General reminders

1. All library resources used for this assignment are on reserve.

2. There will be a reserve cart located near the circulation desk in the library.

3. All students working on the assignment can and should help to build the reserve collection.

4. Items on reserve may be checked out overnight only (checked out at the end of the school day and returned before classes begin the next day).

5. Items may be placed on Hold using AccessIt:

a. Go to the Beatrice M. Haggerty Library Team. 

b. Click on the Library Collections channel.

c. Click on the link in the post or the Ursuline Library Catalog tab.

d. Click on the login prompt in the upper right corner and log in via SSO.

e. Search the catalog for the title you would like to place on Hold.

f. Click on the title.

g. Click on the "Make a Hold/Booking" button located on the right side of the pop-up.

h. You will be alerted via email when the item is available for check out.


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