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English III Honors - Romanticism/Modernism: Home


The Great Gatsby has elements of both Modernism and Romanticism.  Your groups will choose one artistic form - - literature, music, painting, dance, etc.  You will focus on how one of these movements expressed itself in the art form your group chose.  So one group may choose to focus on Romantic music; another group may focus on Modernist dance, etc.

In the written portion of your project you will explain the movement you are focusing on; then, in some depth explore two artists who exemplify that movement.  Your written report will draw on at least four secondary sources and should be at least four pages long.  Please follow MLA documentation conventions.

The oral presentation will cover the same material as your written project, but do not simply read your paper to your captive audience.  Present it in a format that rhetorically serves a spoken presentation.

Finally, your group will present either a visual or audiovisual collage that more abstractly captures the qualities you associate with the movement you have chosen.

Search Terms/Resource Types

Romanticism     Modernism     Fitzgerald     Poetry     Cubism    Picasso (or name of Artist from Period)     Jazz     Architecture     Drama     Sculpture     Painting      Gothic     Beethoven     Design     Poetry

Modernist/Romantic+(Dance, Painting, Sculpture, Music, etc.)    


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