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PART I: You will begin by addressing:

What are the essential major points/features of the Holocaust in your given country?  Through analysis of primary and secondary sources, you should develop a thesis to help explain what happened in your country.

PART II: You will continue by addressing:

How have historians researched and argued the major points/features of the Holocaust in your given country.  This is like a historiography paper: analyzing how historian’s arguments and research have changed over time.

This paper will be broken into two parts, each with a distinct purpose.

Part I will be an analytical, research based paper. You are NOT simply retelling events that happened, but rather, analyzing what happened. What does that mean exactly? Through your research, you will find the major reasons WHY or HOW the Holocaust took place. In other words, by telling your reader WHAT happened, you will tell your reader WHY it happened.

Part II will look at what historians have already said about your country in relation to the Holocaust. You should find 2 of the major historians and research what they have said about the event. This can be a daunting task, as you will have to READ their books and decide what they are saying. This takes time…so start now! Will you have to read two, 500-page books? Not exactly. The skill will be reading important parts of the book and discerning what the historian is trying to say.

Ideally, Part I and Part II research will go together. As you build your research, you will probably find the major historians and begin to see what they are presenting. Visit and type in the search window “The Holocaust in ____________ (your country).” A summary will pop up and if you scroll to the will see a selected bibliography. You are on your way!

Search Terms/Resource Types

Sample search terms:

holocaust     World War II      The final solution       pogroms       Jewish ghetto         extermination

concentration camps           labor camps         genocide         Anschluss    antisemitism         Aryan

crematorium         Fuhrer      gas chambers      gestapo          Nuremberg laws     shoah         swastika

Third Reich      Versailles treaty       volkisch         Zyklon B

Types of resources suitable for research on this topic:

There has been a great deal of historical research on the holocaust of the Jews in Europe during World War II. You should find books, electronic books, articles from journals accessed through our databases, and primary sources.


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