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Inside Nazi Germany: Historical Display Project

Objective: To explain to our audience (14-18-year-old girls) what life was like for Ursuline girls living in Dallas and Jewish girls and “Aryan” girls living in Germany. 

Method: By using historical research, we want to explain in a variety of ways what daily life was like for girls.  By using the Ursuline archives, we hope to find items to display to the Ursuline community what girls were thinking about, doing, and believing at Ursuline Academy in the 1930s and 1940s.  Is there anything significant that girls were talking about?  When, and if, did Ursuline girls start to pay attention to events in Europe?  How does life at Ursuline compare to life in Germany in the 30s and 40s?

By visiting the Dallas Holocaust Museum, we hope to learn how to display items that are being loaned to us.  We will be talking to archivist, curators, and historians on the process of collecting information and displaying them to the public.  We also hope to learn more about the history of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust and how we can share those stories.


Assignment in brief

 Requirements: Each student will be responsible for 1-2 topics that they will formally research using historical sources (primary and secondary, diaries, online databases) to develop an overall thesis.  Students will write a 3-4 analytical research paper explaining and proving their thesis.  Students will then choose how to display their research (artifact, pictures, video clips, etc.) that will be used in our historical display at Ursuline Academy.  Students will have choice of how to display the item but must be approved by Mr. Girard.  The goal is to be collaborative with all students in all sections, but to make sure we make the display interesting and engaging.  Girls will also be responsible to present to each class meeting, develop a mini-documentary, and produce a “Friends and Family Night” to share the display with the greater public.

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