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World History--Daily Life during the Middle Ages: Home

Assignment guide exploring daily life of various characters who lived during the Middle Ages.

What Was Daily Life Like During the Middle Ages?

Whether your life was difficult or not depended a great deal on your social and economic position in society.  People lived in many ways and in many different places.  The manorial system bound the nobility to the serfs.  A ‘middle class’ of merchants developed in the growing towns and cities.  Monks and nuns served the needs of their communities or lived lives of silent contemplation.

Assignment in brief


PROMPT: Was your life “better” or “worse” than your contemporaries?


ASSIGNMENT:  Create a journal of daily life during the period covered by Chapter 12.  Pick a character based on the pairings listed below.  Compare your life that of the opposite character and argue whether your life is “better” or “worse.”  Why is this the case? What evidence can you provide to support this claim?  Consider the questions listed below as you recreate a picture of Medieval life.


*Lord or Lady (nobility)

*Noble Lady or Serf Woman

*Lord or Serf Man

*Urban Housewife or Serf Woman

*Female Serf or Male Serf

*Nun or Serf, Lady, or Housewife



*What work do you do? What is your job? How do you do your job? What tools or expertise do you need?

*What is your daily schedule?

*What is your home like?

*What do you eat and drink?

*What do you wear?

*What do you see around you? What do you hear? What do you smell?

*How do you spend your leisure time?

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nun                           abbot        

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guild                       cloister

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