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Medical Microbiology Project #1--Historical Figures in Microbiology

Assignment in brief


For this project, you will create an informational poster in the form of a cereal box to learn – and instruct other students – about the iconic scientist whose work contributed to the advancement of Microbiology.  Use manila folders to create your “cereal box”. The front and back will have the information needed including a word puzzle. References are to be cited on the sides of the box. Your project will be graded by both teacher and peers using a rubric.


1. **Name of Microbiologist: (write it here):__________________________________

2. Year of birth & location, year of death & location (if deceased)

3. Picture of microbiologist

4. Written description of most notable accomplishment(s), including timeline

5. Picture/drawing/diagram of notable accomplishment

6. Description (interesting physical features, personality, etc.)

7. Schooling or special training

8. Interesting Fact(s)

9. Crossword or Word Search type puzzle using vocabulary terms

10. Bibliography (literature cited)

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