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World History--Islam/Africa Project: Home

Assignment in Brief

For this project you will choose an essential question to answer by creating an artifact from the following options.
Essential Questions:

A) How did religious beliefs shape societies in the past?

B) What types of art did people create, and what can it tell us about what people value?

C) What have societies "shared" with each other in the past, and what was the result of these interactions?


1) Hajj Diary: ‚ÄčCreate a diary of at least 10 entries describing the experiences of a person from Mali that has joined Mansa Musa on his pilgrimage to Mecca.

2) Piece of Art: Create a piece of art in style similar to those found in the early Islamic world or the early states of Africa. Include a description paragraph of the piece describing the techniques used to produce it, the use of the piece, and it's significance to Islamic/African culture.

3) Illustrated Timeline: Create a poster timeline of the spread of Islam from 622-1453 CE. Timeline must include 20 events covering the expansion in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Illustrate 10 events. Include an explanatory paragraph describing the primary reasons Islam was able to expand quickly and so far. 

4) Travel Map: Create a poster of the travels of Ibn Battuta from the years 1325-1354 CE. Map must start in Morocco and include 20 locations he visited in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Each location should dated and have an illustration or quote from Ibn Battuta. Include a paragraph describing the significance of his journey.

5) Trade Description: Write a paper focusing on one of the important trade goods (salt, gold, or ivory) from Africa. In 1.5-2 pages answer the following questions:

     A) How is this item made or acquired?

     B) For whom is the item intended?

     C) What is the purpose of the item? What is it being used for?

     D) What do people use to purchase it?

     E) How does the item get to its destination?

Include a map showing the movement of your trade good with geographical features, cities/town, and trade routes that carry the item.

Generating Search terms

Search Terms

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Q'uran   Muhammad     Five Pillars of Islam    

Islamic Art     

Trade Routes     Islamic empire     Caliphate   



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