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Assignment in Brief

Your Task:

Research a female chemist or chemist from the BIPOC community that made an invention, discovery, or contribution to our world.

Types of Project:

1) Write a front-page news story/article about your chemist and explain how they and the invention, discovery, or contribution affects your life. ( No larger than 18" x 18")

2) Create a printed children's book, important details about your famous chemist, including pictures.

3) Create a full color poster of your famous chemist including all-important facts. (No larger than 18" x 18")

4) Create a small 3-D (physical) model that represents what your famous chemist achieved, with an accompanying information plaque (similar to a museum plaque).

What Should Be Included:

1) The first, middle, and last name of your chemist.

2) A mug shot (picture of your chemist).

3) Years living (examples: 1901-1959; 1973 - ?)

4) Their field of study (for example: biochemistry, organometallic, etc.)

5) The country they were born in.

6) Where they did / do their work.

7) A description, in your own words, of what your chemist is most famous for.

8) Pictures, graphics, or illustrations of what your chemist is famous for.

9) Their accomplishment that has benefited the world.

10) Two interesting facts about your chemist.

11) A quote by your chemist.

12) A place named after your chemist (may not apply).

Suggested Search Terms

Search terms to get you started. As you read, you will add additional terms to research further.

  • chemists
  • chemistry
  • STEM
  • name of your chemist
  • chemical science
  • scientists



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