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A Most Significant Event

Assignment in brief

In this semester, we have studied many changes and new achievements in the world. Your task is to create an essay and short video highlighting an event from the last 150 years that you think is a most significant event. You will notice that this "a" most significant, not "the" most significant as there have been many important events that have occurred. Some things you might consider are –

An Invention or Discovery

A Creative Effort

An Event (this can be a one-time event or something that happened over time)

A Beginning or Ending

An Achievement

Your Significant Project must be unique in your class section, meaning you may not do the same topic as anyone else in your class.

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Search Terms--what are they and how do I get some?

Search terms are the words that you will use to access information in our electronic resources. Rather than inputting a question, sentence or even a phrase, you will use keywords in different combinations to get to the information you are seeking.

Use this strategy to build a list of search terms to begin your research:

  • Once you have determined the focus of your research, take the time to brainstorm everything you know about the topic.
  • Highlight the most important concepts. These are the start to your list of search terms.
  • Identify synonyms, similar terms, alternate spellings, and related terms.
  • As you read, continue to add important terms that you encounter. They may be specific events, people, places, etc.

Video Streaming


Where do I start?

You may have some idea of what you want the focus of your research to be, you may have no idea, or you may be somewhere in between. Here are resources to explore that may help you to decide:

Electronic resources

Electronic Books

What is a Primary Source?


primary sources (plural noun)

  1. (in academic research) a document, first-hand account, or other source that constitutes direct evidence of an object of study


Primary sources can be original textsimagessounds, artifacts, or data that were created or recorded at the time of study.


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Research Questions--Do I need one?

All research begins with a question to be answered or a problem to be solved. A research question pinpoints exactly what you want to find out in your work. 

Your research question should be all of these:

  • clear: it provides enough specifics that one’s audience can easily understand its purpose without needing additional explanation.
  • focused: it is narrow enough that it can be answered thoroughly in the space the writing task allows.
  • concise: it is expressed in the fewest possible words.
  • complex: it is not answerable with a simple “yes” or “no,” but rather requires synthesis and analysis of ideas and sources prior to composition of an answer.
  • arguable: its potential answers are open to debate rather than accepted facts.

You should ask a question about an issue that you are genuinely curious and/or passionate about.