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How Can AI Help with My Research?

- AI can help you come up with key words and search terms that you can plug into our databases.

- AI can identify researchers currently working in the field that you are interested in and can identify if they have been published as well as where to find those publications. 

- Don't understand something that you're reading? Ask AI to explain it to you! You can even ask for a visual representation of challenging concepts.


What is AI?

Some Important Terms:

AI: Non-technical term, refers to building machines smarter or as smart as humans. 

Neural Networks: the strategy of building learning machines using reinforced learning.

Large Language Models: using transformer technology to predict anything that we want AI to respond to into a language and to have really smart language processing ideas.

Generative AI: The ability of AI not to just solve a finite game like chess where it is determining the best move but rather but to actually generate original ideas, original concepts and original creative expressions.

Things to Remember:

- Generative AI programs are trained to be predictive machines based on previous interactions and inputs. They are trained with social media. They want to provide an answer that they think you will like quickly. This means you always need to be critical of their output. It differs from Google which simply "scrapes" the internet. It has the ability to generate different responses to the same prompt.

- AI can "hallucinate" and get things wrong.

- AI can and will pull information from any digital knowledge it has access to - this does not mean that knowledge is factual. Databases provide peer reviewed, fact checked sources.