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World History--World Religions Project: Home


For our religion unit, you and your group will research one of the major world religions and teach the class about it through a PowerPoint presentation. Your presentation will cover the cultural aspects of your selection religion. Please note- your PowerPoint should focus on the visual. Show your audience what you are talking about. As such, include as few words as necessary in your PowerPoint.

  1. Distribution pattern of the religion
    1. Where and when did the religion originate (hearth)?
    2. Where in the world is the religion practiced (in large numbers) today?
    3. How many people practice the religion worldwide?
    4. Include maps and visuals.
  2. An explanation of the religious symbol(s) most commonly associated with this religion.
  3. Discussion of the major branches or your religions
    1. What are the names of the branches and what percentage of the religion do they comprise?
  4. Impact on the Culture Landscape
    1. Describe the architecture your religion builds and explain what their buildings are called.
      1. How can you tell a building is a place of worship for the religion?
    2. Burial practices- what happens to followers’ body when they die?
    3. What are the religion’s major sacred sites and cities? (at least 2- more is ok)
      1. Why are these places sacred for the religion?
    4. INCLUDE PHOTOGRAPHS!!! (and explain the photographs)
  5. Holidays
    1. What are the religion’s major holidays?
    2. What do these holidays celebrate?
    3. How are these holidays celebrated?

Presentation Requirements

  1. Time   
    1. Must be between 4-7 mins
  2. Group
    1. Each member of the group must speak during the presentation.
    2. Divide up the research EVENLY amongst your group members. Understand that some members may be better at some things. Use your groups strengths.
    3. Each of you will be filling out a group project survey at the end answering questions about you and your group members contributions towards the project.
  3. PowerPoint
    1. Your PowerPoint needs to focus on the visual and have as few words as possible.
    2. You may use speaker notes for your presentation (I strongly recommend them), but be prepared to answer class questions
    3. Presentation should be free of all spelling and grammatical errors
    4. You may have notecards, but you should not be reading off them. They should only be there to recall information.
  4. Citation
    1. You must include a bibliography slide at the end of your presentation citing all of the sources you used
    2. Website URL or textbook title, author, and page number is all that is needed for citing. Be sure URLs are correct, as I will be checking sources.
    3. Example (all on one slide at the end)

i. Slide 1- url

  textbook, author, 61-62

  1. Slide 2- url


  textbook, author, 62