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Theology--Ecumenical & Interreligious Dialogue: Home

Generating Key words for research


1. Research and explain one of the modern religious practices known in the world today.

2. Present, with a visual aid, your information in class.

3. Submit a works cited page in MLA format, an outline of your presentation, and an explanation of your visual aid.

Search Terms/Resource Types

You should use a variety of resources including print and electronic books and databases.

Scientology Wicca Rastafarianism
Baha'i Pluralism Amish
Mormon Jehovah's Witness Santeria
Humanism Secular Humanism Pentecostalism
Charismatic Nation of Islam Hare Krishna
New Age Voodoo Spiritualism
Unitarian Universalist Messianic Judaism
Tenrikyo Hasidism Muslim Brotherhood
Opus Dei Westboro Baptist Amadiyya Muslim



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