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Interview a Founding Leader

Assignment in brief


Students will be assigned one of the individuals listed below. They must do enough background research on the person in order to be able to write suitable responses to at least four interview questions. The final product will be about 400 words.


Questions might be:

  1. What was your contribution towards the ideals of America (liberty, opportunity, equality, individual rights, democracy)?
  2. What ideals were most important to you when the Declaration and Constitution were written?
  3. How was our young country able to further those goals into reality?
  4. How well has America done to further those ideals? 
  5. Where do we need more work?


The key Founding Individual:

  • John Adams
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Alexander Hamilton
  • John Jay
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • James Madison
  • George Washington
  • Abigail Adams
  • Phillis Wheatley
  • Mercy Otis Warren
  • Judith Sargent Murray

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