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Assignment in Brief

Choose one of the following projects to complete for your assignment:

1) Video: Documentary

Create a documentary video depicting major events in salvation history. Your video should mention and include a brief explanation of the following events:

  • Noah: covenant to never destroy the earth again
  • Abraham and Sarah: covenant to inherit Promised Land and have numerous descendants
  • Moses in Egypt: Deliverance from slavery
  • Moses in the Desert: 10 commandments / the Law
  • Joshua: conquering and settling the Promised Land
  • Saul and David: God gives Israel a king; the next king unites tribes into a kingdom
  • Isaiah: Israel conquered by Babylonians, and all Hebrews taken away in exile to Babylon; and later they return to Israel
  • Maccabees: Jewish independence restored
  • Jesus Christ: Paschal Mystery
  • Peter / Paul / Mary Magdalene: spread of Gospel message and the Church

Your video must be at least 10 minutes long and convey why each of these events was a development in the relationship between God and humanity.

2) Art Gallery

Create and art gallery illustrating one​ of the following topics:

  • Covenants: Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus as the New Covenant
  • Kingdom of God
  • Jesus' Miracles
  • Major events in salvation history

Create a curated display of images of at least 10 works of art that depict one of the topics listed above. For each of the art images, you will write a 120-word (1/2 page) analysis of that image, describing and explaining how the artist depicted that particular event or concept. You may use an electronic presentation (Powerpoint, Prezi, Sway, etc.) or a printed display.

3) Faith and Science: Original Sin and Evolution

Create a Presentation Explaining:

  • What paleoanthropologists currently understand about human origins.
  • What the Catholic Church actually teaches about the relationship between faith and science, especially regarding human origins
  • Examine these scientific findings in light of the teaching of the Catholic Church

Your presentation may be either a traditional written paper or it may be visual (Powerpoint, Prezi, Sway, etc.) with an accompanying oral explanation.

4) Miracles

Research a saint who has been canonized in the past 20 years on the basis of two miracles (not a martyr). Create a presentation about that saint that includes the following:

  • Biography
  • Journey of Faith / how they lived their Catholic faith
  • Explanation of each of the two miracles that occurred through that saint's intercession
  • Details about the process of canonization

​Your presentation may be a traditional written paper or an electronic presentation (Powerpoint, Prezi, Sway, etc.) with and accompanying oral explanation.


5) Something Else!

If you would like to investigate another topic related to the content we are covering this unit or have another idea for a project, please see Mrs. Jakubik. She'd love to hear your ideas!


Mrs. Jakubik and Mrs. Frasco have all of the hardcopy books you should need for this project! The online New Catholic Encyclopedia is linked below.


Electronic resources

Helpful Websites

See Mrs. Jakubik's handout for specific articles related to your topic.


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