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AP US History: Study Tips

Access the Practice Exam here.

Reading Study Skills

  • Read a Rigorous College-level Textbook

  • Use Primary Sources

  • Do Other Reading

  • Do Some Historiography

  • Get a Head Start

  • Find the Main Ideas

  • Know the Context

  • Vocalize the Difficult Words

  • Reread Difficult Material

  • Use Additional Resources

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Writing Study Skills

  • Write More Often

  • Define Your Terms Where Necessary

  • Start with a Clearly Stated Thesis

  • Organize Your Response Carefully

  • Make Sure Thesis Matches Assessment & Knowledge

  • Build an Argument

  • Integrate the Documents and Your Analysis

  • Don't Quote Large Portions of the Documents

  • Choose Your Essays Wisely

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Exam Practice Tips

  • Attack Questions Methodically

  • Carefully Analyze the Question

  • Consider and Review the Evidence You Can Include

  • Clearly State Your Intent

  • Think Through the Evidence, Form a Thesis Statement, then Write

  • State Your Points Clearly

  • Tie Your Points Explicitly to the Larger Thesis

  • Practice Essay Writing with Questions from Previous AP Exams (Then Compare Your Answers)

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