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Beatrice M. Haggerty Library: FAQs

How late is the library open?

The library is open until 5:00 PM

When is my book due?

  • Books check out for two weeks. 
  • Reference books check out for three days. 
  • Anything on reserve for a class checks out overnight.
  • If you are not sure, login to your account or just ask!

Library Late Fees

We no longer charge late fees. Make sure to keep track of the materials you check out and return your materials in a timely manner. 

How do I use self check out?

Follow these steps to use self checkout!

1. Open the library catalog

2. Click the "Guest" button at the top right corner and then select "Login via SSO"

3. Click the circle button with a pointing finger that will appear next to your name in the top right corner

4. Click "check out"

5. Enter the barcode that starts with "UA" on the top left corner of the book you are wanting to check out then click the button "check out"

6. Enjoy reading your book!

What is your definition of quiet?

qui-et (adjective): 1. making little or no noise 2. carried out discreetly, secretly, or with moderation 

Rule of thumb: whisper and pretend you want keep what you are saying a secret from the table next to you. 

Can I eat in the library?

Eating on campus is restricted Fox Dining Hall and distributed dining on East Campus as well as a few outdoor spaces. Eating is not allowed in the library. Beverages are allowed in closed containers.

I lost my book. What do I do?

Sometimes things turn up in a different backpack or under the bed, so don't worry about replacing the items right away.  If is not found, we will ask that you pay the purchase price, so we can replace the book in our collection. 

Can I renew a book?

Yes!  Renewing your library materials is as easy as logging into your library account.  Click the Library Catalog tab in the Library Collections channel of the Library Team, click on "Guest" in the upper right had corner, click on the blue bar labeled "Login via SSO," and you will be logged into your account. Hover over the book you want to renew and click the "renew" button.

You can also ask one of the librarians to renew your books as the circulation desk. You don't have to have the book with you. 

How do I check out ebooks?

EBooks are always available 24-7, even when the library is closed. Access the Overdrive e-books and e-audiobook collection with the link below:

The free Sora app can be added to any mobile device. Check with one of the librarians for your login information.

EBooks can be read in the browser or downloaded to a device. They will automatically be returned when they are due, so you never get fines from eBooks.