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Vaccine Vodcast


BREAKING NEWS!!  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has asked your KMICRO news team to create a vodcast promoting the use of immunizations for common childhood diseases. Your team will produce a vodcast on the biology of the disease and how the vaccine protects against it by using the driving questions provided below. The target group for this vodcast are parents/guardians who are wary of/resistant to vaccination, but with some gentle encouragement, can be convinced to vaccinate their children.

Write a script that answers the driving questions (keep your target audience in mind!) and follow the script for the performance. Use a visual aid (such as an animation or cartoon graphic) to enhance your discussion.  The vodcast should be no less than 5 and no more than 10 minutes in length. Vodcasts will be viewed in class and evaluated by peers and teacher.  Video platforms are student choice, but must work at the time of exhibition, and a working link must be provided to the teacher that does not require a subscription to a service provider. If a video is posted to a site that requires permission to view (such as a Youtube video on a private channel), student must inform teacher and provide the permission when requested.

Each member of your team will sign a contract stating your good faith to complete the project correctly.  A Project Management Log will ensure that each member works on the presentation in a fair and equitable manner. All members must participate in the video, as both individual performances and group performances will be graded. The final grade consists of the Project Management Log, the script, the visual (animation or graphic), individual performance, team performance, peer evaluation of each member, and a self-reflection.  

A. Driving Questions:

1.) What is the name of the vaccine and what disease does it prevent?

2.) What is the biology of the pathogen? (For bacteria: scientific name, Gram stain reaction, oxygen requirement; for viruses: type of nucleic acid/capsid shape; for both: typical habitat/host organism.)

3.) What is the reservoir and how is the pathogen spread among a population (modes of transmission)?

4.) What is the incubation period, when is a person contagious, and what are the signs/symptoms of the disease?

5.) In addition to the vaccine, what other methods for prevention are there?

6.) What is the type of vaccine (live, inactivated, attenuated, recombinant) and how does the vaccine work (what type of immune response does it generate?)

7.) How effective is the vaccine in terms of herd immunity (the percent of a population it protects)?

8.) What is the schedule for vaccination?  Are specific groups (gender, age) targeted?

9.) Are there any side effects of the vaccine (documented in the medical literature)? If so, can the side effects be minimized or prevented?

10.) Where can one get the vaccine? Are there any places where it is provided at low cost or for free?

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