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Women Who Made a Mark on American History

Assignment in brief

Each student will report on a Woman of Valor (W.O.V.) from colonial America up to 1860. The goal is to move through time chronologically, earlier presenters will work in the Colonial period, with later presenters discussing women of the Early Republic and Antebellum period (pre-Civil War). You will provide a brief background (biography) of the woman's life, describing the context of the time she lived in and what she did that makes her valorous!


The most important part of your presentation will be sharing the significance of your W.O.V. Why should we care about her and what makes her unique? Here, you will be practicing making a historical argument - something that you'll need to do in each of our 3 projects this term.


To complete this project, you will need to research your woman. To share your research process with me, you will complete an annotated bibliography sharing details about the source and how you plan to use this in your project. I will share standards and a rubric, demonstrating what you need to do to be successful on this project.

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