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AP US History: Rebellion Debate: Home

13 Colonies

Assignment in Brief

Rebellion Debate

QUESTION: Were the colonists justified in their rebellion?


· The Enlightenment

· Salutary Neglect

· English Constitution

· Taxes in the colonies v. England

· P. 172-173 in the textbook give helpful primary sources


· 3 minute introduction to your main arguments

· 2 minutes to pose questions to the opposing side

**5 minute break to prepare responses to questions**

· 3 minute response

· 2 minute conclusion


· You MUST cite at least one primary source in your argument(s). For example: Common Sense, Letters to a Pennsylvania Farmer, Declaration of Independence, Two Treatise of Government, etc…

· You need at least three (valid) sources beyond your textbook.

· You will need a bibliography in Chicago Manual of Style format. You can email it to me along with your arguments


· Everyone should speak at some point in the debate. You may assign different parts to different group members.

· Please have your questions posted in the Collaboration space in OneNote by the start of the debate.

· Please have your arguments typed out to email to me.