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In order to build background on The Odyssey, you will research a selected topic and create an annotated bibliography.


An annotated bibliography is a list of the credible sources (books, articles, websites, dictionaries, videos, etc.) that you used to learn about your topic. In addition to citing the sources in a specific MLA format, an annotated bibliography includes a paragraph to summarize each source’s main ideas.

Guidelines for Sources

  • All of your sources must be credible and relevant
  • You may NOT use resources that provide literary analysis of The Odyssey (example: Shmoop)
  • You may NOT use abstracts (summarized versions of articles or books)

Guidelines for Paragraphs

  • For each source, write a paragraph (generally 5-6 sentences) that summarizes the main focus, key points, and ideas in the source. If you quote something from the source, please include an in-text citation for your quote.

Guidelines for MLA Citations

  • Sources must be in alphabetical order by the author’s last name or title of source if not author is not listed
  • Punctuation and formatting rules for sources can be found:
    • MLA Handbook (pgs 13-58 and 102-128)
    • Noodletools (resource available through the Ursuline library)
    • Purdue OWL (website)
    • Easy Bib (website)

Search Terms/Resource Types

 Suggested search terms (this is not an exhaustive list):

Trojan War          Trojan Horse        Helen of Troy        King Menelaus         Odysseus           Achilles

archetype            epithet                 epic                     epic hero                 King Priam          Homeric simile

Ancient Greece    Homer                 bard                     minstrel                   Greek myth         mythology

Greek religion       monotheism        polytheism            pantheon                oblation               Olympus

Olympian             Greek gods/goddesses                    rhapsode                Laocoon              King Agamemnon

Andromache        Hector                Apple of Discord    Iliad                        legend                 In media res

muse                    xenia                  

Topics for Annotated Bibliography

Topic One: Who was Homer?

Topic Two: Ancient Greece and Homer's World

Topic Three: Friends, Strangers, and Guests: Greek Hospitality

Topic Four: The Gods

Topic Five: Goddesses, Wives, Princesses, and Slave Girls


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